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Mr. Bill Marsh

MR. BILL MARSH Mediation Expert IFC, World Bank

Mr. Bill Marsh

Mediation Expert, IFC, World Bank


One of Europe’s most experienced commercial mediators and a former corporate lawyer, Bill has mediated full-time since 1991 in a wide range of disputes and conflicts involving parties from right across Europe, Russia/CIS, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australasia and North America.

Parties have included national governments, public companies, public bodies/authorities, private companies and firms, pressure groups and individuals. His mediations cover a broad cross-section of commercial disputes, ranging up to multi-billion pound in value, and including almost every sector of business and law.

Mr. Marsh is a United Nations mediation expert and has been deployed by them in the context of political dialogue. He is a Mediation adviser to the Governments of UK, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the UK Parliament’s All Party Group on Conflict Issues. He is also Mediation Adviser at the European Commission, SIMC, World Bank and IFC. His work in the area of religious dialogue and peace has received special recognition from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bill is also a renowned trainer and has trained thousands of people, around the world, in mediation, conflict resolution and negotiations skills. Participants include professional mediators and negotiators, business leaders, judges, lawyers and other professionals, NGO teams, diplomats and political figures.

He has spoken at countless seminars, conferences, meetings, lectures, and formal dinners in the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.