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Mr. Chakrapani Misra

MR. CHAKRAPANI MISRA Partner, Khaitan & Co

Mr. Chakrapani Misra

Partner, Khaitan & Co


Mr. Misra leads the litigation and the dispute resolution practice of Khaitan & Co in Mumbai. He has vast experience in handling dispute resolution and regularly appears before various courts across the country including the District Courts, City Civil Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India as well as various Tribunals including SAT, CLB, Consumer Forum & State Consumer Commissions, etc.

He also has vast experience in handling domestic and international Arbitrations including Maritime Arbitration both institutional and ad hoc and regularly advises clients in complex arbitrations. Chakrapani Misra is also a certified Mediator and regularly presides as Mediator over various corporate commercial disputes.

The range of matter handled by him is vast and varies from general commercial litigation to the matters relating to IPR (Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets and technical know–how, Computer Software, Data Protection), corporate litigation and admiralty litigation. Besides the above, he routinely advises Firm’s clients on commercial litigations – Summary suits, Commercial Causes suits, Company Petitions and complex, Succession and Probate matters. He also regularly contributes to various international and domestic publications on arbitration and other current legal issues of importance. He also regularly participates as judge / arbitrator in the international moots organized by various institution / colleges.