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Mr. Prathamesh D. Popat

MR. PRATHAMESH D. POPAT Counsel Bombay High Court, LEADER accredited IMI certified Mediator

Mr. Prathamesh D. Popat

Counsel Bombay High Court, LEADER accredited IMI certified Mediator


Mr Popat currently works as Counsel at the Bombay High Court and is a LEADER accredited IMI certified Mediator. He is in the process of redesigning his activities and practice to focus purely on Mediation.

He started his law practice as a Counsel in 1991 at the Bombay High Court. Over the years, his practice gradually veered towards Arbitration and then towards ADR. He took his initial training as a Mediator first in India and then with LEADR (now ‘Resolution Institute’), a peak Dispute Resolution organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia. After doing several mediations and attending Advanced Training workshops, he received his Accreditation as a Mediator from LEADR.

Prathamesh initially did private mediations. He was empanelled by the Bombay High Court on their first Panel of Mediators in 2003. He is also on several other ADR Panels. As such, he has done, and continues to do, private as well as Court-Annexed Mediations. He is an IMI Certified Mediator and is the Chairman of the Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber, a century-old premier Chamber of Commerce headquartered in Mumbai.

Over the years, Mr. Popat has sought to keep himself abreast of the best practices the world over and in pursuance thereof has taken extensive training in mediation by participating in workshops from reputed organizations/institutions across five continents. Some of these workshops included the train-the-trainer trainings.