Centre for Mediation and Conciliation (CMC)

Ms. Nadja Alexander

Ms. Nadja Alexander

Mediation Advisor to Government of Singapore


Nadja Alexander is a multi-award winning author and educator, a mediator and an independent adviser to international bodies and national governments in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. She has been engaged in dispute resolution settings in more than 30 countries.

She graduated with honours in law and dispute resolution degrees from Australia, Austria and Germany and is familiar with practice in common law and civil law jurisdictions. She has been engaged as a dispute resolution adviser and consultant for governments, courts, financial authorities, multi-national corporations, civil society groups and other entities. She advises governments around the world on best regulatory practices and case management systems for mediation and ADR and consults to international organisations such as the World Bank, the OSCE, the British Council, AusAid and the IFC. She sits on international mediation panels in Singapore (SIMC), Hong Kong (HKMAAL), and Australia (National Mediator Standards Board). Her mediation approach is tailored to both the disputants and the nature of the dispute. She has logged several thousand mediation hours, along with a robust practice in multi-party and group facilitations.

Dr Alexander’s research and ideas have been used in arguments before the Canadian Supreme Court, international arbitral awards, and legislation in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In the private sector, she is engaged as a consultant and trainer by diverse corporations, national and global law firms, bar associations and law societies. She is co-founder of Conflict Coaching International, offering conflict management design for industry groups and organisations, conflict coaching for individuals and teams.

De Alexander is a sought-after keynote speaker for international conferences and events. She conducts masterclasses internationally in negotiation, mediation and conflict coaching, in addition to internationally recognised IMI accreditation programmes in mediation and mediation advocacy. She is Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, Australia, and a Senior Fellow at the Dispute Resolution Institute, Mitchell Hamline School of Law in the United States. She is also a multi-award winning writer and has published more than 10 books and 100 papers on conflict management topics.