Centre for Mediation and Conciliation (CMC)

Mr. Sriram Panchu

Mr. Sriram Panchu

Senior Advocate and Mediator


Mr. Sriram Panchu is a Senior Advocate and Mediator. He is the Founder of Concord Mediation, which offers services in mediation and med-arb. He is the President of Mediators India, the national association of Indian mediators and a Director on the Board of the International Mediation Institute ( IMI ). He set up India’s first court – annexed mediation centre in 2005, and has been instrumental in making mediation a part of India’s legal system.

Mr Panchu has mediated a large number of complex and high-value disputes across the range of commercial, corporate and contractual disputes in different parts of India. These include construction and property development, insolvency and winding-up, property disputes, family business conflict, intellectual property and information technology disputes. He has also mediated international commercial disputes. He is a certified mediator on the panel of the Singapore International Mediation Centre. He was appointed by India’s Supreme Court to mediate a border dispute between two States, and another public dispute involving the Parsi community in Bombay.

He has authored two books on mediation. “Settle for More “introduced mediation to the Indian audience. “Mediation: Practice & Law” ( Butterworths, LexisNexis ) is the standard manual in India. He has authored the Indian Chapter of Getting the Deal Through.

The Supreme Court of India has referred to him as a “distinguished mediator”, an “eminent trainer” and “one of the foremost mediators in the country”.