Centre for Mediation and Conciliation (CMC)

Our Stakeholders speak...

Mr. K. R. Bulchandani

“Best of the training by IICA & BCCI, but no rewards as Ministry and other authorities continue to be indifferent with no panel in place till today, despite promoting mediation”

Mr. Joseph Grynbaum, Owner, Power Generation Consultants

Please accept my congratulations on launching your website, expanding your services to include Mediation and Conciliation; an effective and less costly solution to the litigious paths that dominate the commercial and industrial sectors. My mediator mantra from day one has been “An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation!” I continue to believe in this truth based on the results of my work in this field. I look forward to following your Centre’s progress in the coming years as you provide beneficial services to business houses of India.

Mr. Parimal Shah, Advocate/Mediator

“Indian Business badly needs credible Mediation Services Platforms. CMC is a step in the right direction. Industry will immensely benefit”

Ms. Tanu Mehta

“BCCI has been a pioneer Industry Chamber representing almost every Industry of Mumbai , which means almost 75% Industrial Houses of India. BCCI’s CMC , which I know has taken a couple of years of thought, planning and incubation, will equally be a pioneer in good practices and dynamic Mediation Initiatives across the Country. Indian Democracy will be enabled and supported by a centre like CMC and we must all cheer it’s advent and full functionality”

Sheo K. Sharma, ADR Advocate, Edutainer, USA

What do many of the world’s greatest leaders have in common? Superior negotiation, mediation and conciliation skills. They honed them over time with comprehensive training. “The Center of Mediation & Conciliation” website will be a great resource to the Indian commercial Industries and Judiciary system.

Mr. Chakrapani Misra

Hearty congratulation to the Centre for Mediation & Conciliation (CMC) under the aegis of Bombay Chamber of Commerce on developing its website. Given the backlog of complex commercial disputes pending before the courts/ in arbitration and given that mediation offers a unique method of dispute resolution, this initiative of the Chamber would go a long way in addressing the needs of the business community.

Mr. Prathamesh D Popat

“MEDIATION is all about ‘generating options’. Kudos to CMC for expanding the parties’ choices when seeking trained mediators!”

Justice V.M Kanade

“I congratulate Bombay Chamber for developing it own website. Bombay Chamber has always been in the forefront in the field of Mediation and Arbitration. The Bombay High Court has in 2014 recognised the Chamber and approved it as an institution to which disputes can be referred for mediation.”

Rajeshree Sabnavis & Associates | CA

“Setting up of CMC is definitely a positive step move towards ease of doing business. The Chamber , as an independent body is also a very good platform for resolving disputes faced by business houses amicably.”

Hon’ble Justice B.N. Srikrishna

“My best wishes to the Bombay Chamber on its initiative to popularise Alternative Dispute Resolutions mechanisms like Mediation and Conciliation which will go a long way in relieving pressure on the judicial system and conduce to the betterment of national economy”

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